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Restoration plan for the creation of a coastal wetland area in Santa Marija Bay (Comino, Malta)

2022, PAP/RAC

Obalni Plan Sibensko-Kniske Zupanije, zbirka mapa


An Integrative Methodological Framework (IMF) for coastal, river basin and aquifer management. M. Scoullos (ed.). MedPartnership. Split, Croatia

2015, PAP/RAC

Report of the CAMP Italy Inception Workshop, Alghero


Landscape management methodologies: A synthesis report of thematic studies

2011, Bratina Jurkovic, N

Outstanding landscapes in the Mediterranean – Thematic Study. Split, Priority Actions Programme,

2010, Bratina Jurkovic, N

Landscape Planning and Vulnerability Assessment in the Mediterranean: Thematic Study. Split: PAP/RAC.

2010, Golobic, M. and Breskvar Zaucer,

Revitalisation of the Rural Landscape of the Blato Area on the Island of Korcula: Thematic Study on Landscape Management in Croatia. Split

2007, PAP/RAC

Coastal Landscapes of Tunisia with Special Focus on Cap Bon - A Proposed Landscape Character Assessment.

2007, PAP/RAC

Conception of Spatial Development of South Primorska; Analysis of Spatial Vulnerability and Attractivenes

2006, ACER

Report of the Expert Meeting on Landscape Management in the Mediterranean, Dubrovnik

2006, PAP/RAC

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