MedOpen, an on-line training course being implemented since 2004, aims at assisting Mediterranean countries in building capacities for coastal management. The training programme has been created to share ideas, knowledge and strategies to forward the art of designing and implementing local, national and regional place-based integrated coastal zone management (ICZM), as well as to enhance a policy dialogue and build / improve capacities on implications of climate variability and change (CV&C) considerations. The MedOpen training is completely free of charge.

The MedOpen ICZM training programme includes 12 lectures. For the Basic trainees, the lectures, each followed by a short test, are continuously available in English, French and Italian, open to everyone and completely automated. To obtain the MedOpen ICZM Basic certificate the total percentage of points won in the test should not be less than 75%. For the Advanced trainees, the lectures are available only in the frame of the Advanced training sessions regularly organised and announced by PAP/RAC. The Advanced lectures are introduced on a weekly basis (starting always on Mondays) by MedOpen lecturers who are also moderating Forum discussions. Following each lecture, the additional reading materials, including the scientific articles and reports, are available to students. Starting from the week five (in parallel with Lectures 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9), the practical Simulation Game, i.e. a simulated coastal management situation, is developed. All trainees become "stakeholders" in an imaginary (or real) case and participate in finding practical sustainable solutions. These solutions are presented in a jointly prepared report at the end of the training. The preparation of a Final essay and a joint Simulation Game report is an excellent opportunity for trainees to apply knowledge obtained and skills learned during the training. Their work is assessed by lecturers and the Simulation Game co-ordinator. Only those who have participated in each of the three activities, and whose overall work is positively assessed by the lecturers, are awarded the MedOpen ICZM Advanced certificate.

The same applies for the MedOpen training on CV&C issues, with the exception that the Basic and the Advanced CV&C training includes four lectures. The duration of the Advanced CV&C training is four weeks, including the Simulation Game and its final report jointly prepared by trainees, as well as the Final essays. To obtain the certificate for attending the CV&C Basic training, the total percentage of points won in the test should not be less than 65%.

The target users of MedOpen are decision makers (at the local, national, regional, and international level), policy advisors, project managers, staff and experts of international organisations and institutions, academic researchers, students, and all others interested in ICZM and CV&C issues.

The MedOpen team composed of experts in coastal management and PAP/RAC co-ordination and technical support accompanies the users throughout the Advanced trainings to meet the demands of the Advanced groups.


MedOpen training course reports:

MedOpen GIZC 2019 - Rapport final


MedOpen CVC 2017_Final report

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MedOpen ICZM SHAPE 2013_Final Report

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