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Solid and Liquid Waste Management

In order to contribute to the implementation of one of the Genoa Declaration targets, PAP/RAC started in 1985 actions oriented to the improvement of solid and liquid waste management in the Mediterranean countries. Enjoying the support and collaboration of a number of international and national specialised organisations (such as WHO/EURO, EU, CEFIGRE, BRGM), PAP/RAC created a network of experts, organised several meetings and training courses, and produced a number of training materials on management and maintenance of liquid waste and on planning and design of liquid waste treatment plants in large Mediterranean cities. Also, two major documents were prepared, namely: "Code of practice for liquid waste management" and "Code of practice for solid waste management". Although the results achieved through this action have been used in the framework of the first generation of CAMP projects, due to financial constraints, the action had to be temporarily set aside.

Guidelines for Municipal Solid Waste Management in the Mediterranean Region (PAP/RAC, 2003)

2003, PAP/RAC