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Evolution of built-up area in coastal zones of Mediterranean countries between 1975 to 2015

2017, UNEP Grid Geneva

Coastal Plan Sibenik-Knin County, Map collection


Obalni Plan Sibensko-Kniske Zupanije, zbirka mapa


An Integrative Methodological Framework (IMF) for coastal, river basin and aquifer management. M. Scoullos (ed.). MedPartnership. Split, Croatia

2015, PAP/RAC

Establishment of coastal setback: An explanatory report on Article 8-2 of ICZM Protocol Issues to be considered

2013, PAP/RAC

General Vulnerability Assessment - Summary (2013, PAP/RAC)

2013, PAP/RAC

Rapport explicatif sur l’Article 8-2 du Protocole GIZC. Aspects à prendre en considération pour la mise en place d’une zone de retrait

2013, PAP/RAC

Guidelines for Urban Regeneration in the Mediterranean Region.

2004, PAP/RAC

Synthesis Report on Urban Regeneration, Split

2003, PAP/RAC

List of publications (Projects in Africa)