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Water ressources in the Mediterranean

A large part of the Mediterranean Basin, particularly its islands and isolated coastal areas, has for years experienced persistent water scarcity. The problem has been aggravated due to the rapid population growth, socio-economic development, and mass Mediterranean tourism which have strained the natural resources of this region to the limit.

The negative impact of these developments on the ecosystems and their natural characteristics has been manifestly evident in the coastal strips which have been subjected to rapid urbanisation, demographic pressure and unrestrained development. This has resulted in conflicts among competing uses of limited and ecologically sensitive natural resources, invariably resulting in serious socio-economic and political consequences. The coastal strip is also the place where freshwater mixes with sea water, so that ecological and economic implications aggravate the problem of managing and developing these water resources.

PAP/RAC has been at the forefront in acknowledging coastal water resources management as a priority issue. In the attempt to propagate and assist in the implementation of a multidisciplinary approach to water resources management PAP/RAC, through the priority actions in the Mediterranean, has actively supported an integrated approach to water resources planning and management.

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List of publications (NOSTRUM-DSS)


Integrated approach to development, management and use of water resources

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